Baguley Hall, Wythenshawe Victoria Baths, Manchester

Astley Hall, Chorley

Maybank Buildings Conservation undertake major research recording and repair programme at this Local Authority-owned multiphase manor house, museum and war memorial

A Grade I listed manor house dating from the late C16 with important additions in the early C17 and again in the early C19.

Maybank Buildings Conservation were asked to consider the condition of the buildings by the owners Chorley Borough Council, in 2001 and again in 2011, to inform on long term maintenance problems.

These took the form of a detailed schedule showing changes in condition over ten years.

Each section was sub-divided into materials, condition, and repairs. The client was also advised on a repairs programme and risk profile.

In 2014 we started the project management of a Heritage Lottery bid. The first task was dating the build sequences and analysing the materials used, many of which showed a detrimental effect on the structure. To accomplish this a measured survey with full plan and elevation drawings was undertaken.

The earlier work had established problem areas, which were then opened up and materials analysed.

The Conservation Plan and Gazetteer provided evidence of phasing of parts of the building and dates of some of the earlier repairs.

In 2015 after monitoring movement in a side wall of the Great Hall we were forced to open this up to ascertain the reasons behind the ongoing movement. Rotten sole plates at the wall base required replacing urgently, a job that was made difficult because of the fine plaster in the Hall and the need to support surrounding ceilings. Laser scanning is being used for monitoring any movement now to this wall.

Towards the end of 2015, a costed repair schedule for the Hall was completed which will form part of the Lottery bid.